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An Invitation to


Sunday, January 28, 2018

3:45 - 6:00 p.m.

St. Matthew Lutheran Church & School

Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

The honor of your presence is requested to attend a SABOR LATINO on Sunday, January 28, 2018 from 3:45 to 6:00 p.m. at St. Matthew Lutheran Church and School, Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. The intention of this banquet is to present to the members of St. Matthew and the members of sister congregations in the Northern Region of the Northern Illinois District a little of flavor of what San Pablo is. 





Members of San Pablo will present who they are and their history, the School for Missionaries, bring testimonies of how Christ has changed or impacted their lives, and of course a "flavor" cannot be experienced without "actual food." SABOR LATINO also serves as an opportunity to thank outside contributors and encourage others to learn more about Hispanic ministries, how the Ministry of the Lord is growing, and how their financial support helps this ministry thrive.

With the consultation of two members of the San Pablo congregation (one which owns four restaurants and the other two bakeries) a very Latino dinner and dessert will be presented. Folkloric dancers will also be part of the program with the San Pablo youth and leadership taking care of all the serving for the evening. 

Toward the end of the program, each person will be given the opportunity to make a financial contribution to support the Ministry of the Lord through San Pablo. The ministry at San Pablo still struggles to be financially sustainable on its own, and the congregation is not able to invest as much in ministry as to operational expenses. With this SABOR LATINO such financial support is used in reaching out to new families through the Ministry the Lord has given to San Pablo. 

For more information or for reservations please feel free to contact St. Matthew Lutheran Church and School. St. Matthew is located at 24500 Old McHenry Road between Quentin and Midlothian Roads in Hawthorn Woods, Illinois. You may sign up for reservations on the Church Office Counter of St. Matthew or request reservations by January 21, 2018 by contacting the Church by phone at 847-438-7709, or by email at smlcs@stmatts.net.